How to pay in 7-11

You can deposit at Bank in Thailand but if they are closed you still have more option

This is how you can pay for your purchase at 7-11 (convenience store)

You can find ATM and EDC at 7-11 around Thailand

Some store can help you with English so you may try to ask the staff to do it for you.

If you don’t have ID card you can ask the staff if he can help with that (sometime if you pay some fee they may easier to help with it)

This is the machine

You have to push the green button

Next step will need Thai ID card (which you may borrow the staff)

Input Account Number here


Please input the phone number (if you don’t have just type 0812345678

Then input the amount

Confirm and pay cash to the staff

Then you will get the receipt, photo it and sent to our LINE @ account